James Cunningham


Due to the loss of the private key, I have had to regenerate my PGP key (of which I sign all my git commits). I also took the opportunity to generate 1y subkeys for my machines and lock away the master private key.

Fingerprint: A985 B07B 494C 92E4 FF40  7F16 0F5B 4640 8CB7 BE6B

Keybase and MIT Keyserver


I’m James. I am a DevOps engineer and Go developer based in London. I write tools for datacentre automation, developer workflows and private platform-as-a-service. I maintain a number of open source projects, available on GitHub.

I previously founded a Y-Combinator (S2012) backed startup called GoScale, focused on providing infrastructure-as-a-service to developers.

I am also a keen amateur road cyclist, completing several charity rides in the last year